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My Home Arcade
Recently purchased a Pac-Man & Mortal Kombat Arcade1Up machines.

Connor got his first victory in the game Fortnite. Good job buddy!!

"The Sandlot" turns 25 years old. Does it still hold up as one of the greatest Baseball movies?

He is coming, better not go camping tomorrow. He's back the man behind the mask and he is after your soul

Connor's 2018 Basketball Picture

Four years ago my father died from cancer. I have written a song titles "1946" and decided to record it with the kids help.

My Best & Worst of Games and Movies for the year 2017. Including Katie's picks

2017 Fall Family Pictures.
Click the Pictures link above to see all on Flickr

One more final thought about the 2017 film "It". I did get creped out at a few scenes but had nothing to do with the clown. Had to do with the bully's that make the "Losers Club" another living hell. They are reckless and seem more psychotic then in the original 1990 miniseries

"It" (2017) Thoughts

Went and saw the horror movie everyone is talking about, "It" I am not going to mention anything about how so many people are scared to see this or the original ABC mini-series. I personally thought the old film was a lot better then this remake. However I did enjoy the fact that the new movie stayed in one time line, where as the original had constant flashbacks to the characters childhood. The remake stayed in the past and I did enjoy that part. The movie is not that scary as long as you've seen the original, the clown in this movie is a lot more scary looking and sounding and I did not enjoy that part. In the original, Tim Curry's performance and look of Pennywise was a lot more horrifying, meaning that he looked and acted like a fun harmless clown that could trick children to meet their doom. The new Pennywise is a monster clown that would scare the hell out of the kids and would not have the luck drawing them closer. The new film also had more violence, gore and a lot of swearing. You can have a really scaring horror movie without that amount of gore. Personally I enjoyed the original miniseries.

David drew the logo from Harts Tractor by himself. He did NOT trace it. I think he did a good job, and my dad would be happy with it.

150,000 Gamer Score on Xbox:
This year I had a goal, earn at least one Achievement a day on Xbox. So far I have stayed on track but little did I know I would reach the 150,000 mark. As I was coming close to 150 I wanted to hit exactly 150 even. Thanks to completing the Batman: Season 2: Episode 1, I reached my goal. Next goal 200,000 which will take 3-5 years I bet.

Photo ops: from Flashback Weekend Horror Convention 2017.

Left: Robert England (while I am wearing one of my gloves on this shoulder) Right: Freddy Vs. Jason

Lance Henrik-sen who is most know for Playing Bishop in the Alien Franchise

Got to meet Robert Englund:
Was able to meet, talk and get a picture taken with my favorite anti-hero Freddy Krueger at a horror movie convention.

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